Server Settings

These are the custom multipliers we have in use on our server. All other settings, which are not listed here, are the same as on official PvP servers. If you feel we missed a setting, or notice some more are diffrent than listed above, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • 160 ms maximum ping allowed.
  • Allowed regions to join from are: North America, West- East- and Central Europe.
  • At 80% (56) players online, the server will kick players after 20 minutes idle.
  • Cleanup time multiplier for decayed buildings is 1. You have up to 15 days, until your structures are labled as decayed if you don't managed to visit them.


  • There have to be at least on player online between purge times to trigger a purge.
  • Clan activity threshold to cause a purge are 16.000.
  • Building damage factors of NPCs has been reduced to one-tenth (0.5 to 2.5).

PLEASE NOTE: In general, this reflects the setup of our server. However, server settings may be a subject to change for, e.g. certain events, patches or changes on official servers.