Terms of Use

While playing on our server, you agree to these terms of use. Violating these rules may result in penalization of those responsible. The degree of penalty is judged by the server administrator and a matter of the severity of the contravention.
  • Insulting other players, discriminatory or xenophobic behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Abuse of game bugs and exploits for one's own advantage, especially for others detriment, is strictly prohibited. This also applies to the manipulation of the game server itself, it's internet connection or the connection of players.
  • Don't block off discovery locations or other vital point like access to dungeons or story related locations.
  • Even though MIDGARD is a player vs. player server, we admonish players to tread each other with courtesy and respect.
  • This particularly excludes harassment and raiding of considerable inferior people like beginners and low level players. This also may apply to single players who are subject of repeated harassment of a larger group of players, e.g. a clan.
  • Follow the order of game admin.