Server Update14.8.2018
Dear Exiles, we have updated to the latest version of wine 3.0.2 (maintenance-build) while doing another server software updated of Conan Exiles. This was a major update of wine since the old version used was 2.0. So far we can observe better CPU performance with the new wine build and average CPU usage has dropped about 5%. This might not appear to be much but since the overall core usage was over 25%, it's a relatively large gain of about 20% to before. You might think this is a unnecessary boost since the server wasn't stressed anyway, but you may not forget we talk about average and not peak usage which was up to 50% and more. However we cannot observe this peaks anymore at the moment and hope for better overall game stability.

Page Update6.6.2018
Hello Exiles and welcome to our new Webpage! We have added a newspage to this website. You can now keep track of ingame events, if server changes happen and other stuff thats new. We would like to ecourage you to vote for our server on Conan-exiles.com and official Funcom Forums (Link) for better promotion. We appreciate your feedback!